Owner | Real Estate Advisor 

Sarah Harnett

With over 11 years as a full-time real estate agent licensed in Kansas and Missouri, Sarah is immersed in the market and knows what it takes to successfully navigate it as both a buyer and seller. 

Growing up in Overland Park, Kansas, then purchasing her first few homes in Kansas City, Missouri, she’s well-versed on both sides of the state line. The way she takes care of her clients is contagious, so you can always count on Sarah to keep a pulse on what’s happening and advocate for your individual needs.

As a working wife, mother of two, homeowner, and property investor, life means more than real estate. It's the sharing of meals, birthday parties, celebrations of new beginnings, and coming together in times of need that establish a close-knit community. Being the dedicated agent she is, she looks forward to delivering a full-service, thoughtful experience. 

(913) 991-5711